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Future of Jobs


Our commitment

Jobs of the future is our area of expertise. We find the rare bird to make your digital transformation successful !

Isabelle ROUHAN

The mission of Colibri Talent is to contribute to employability of the greatest number, to organizations’evolution and to the development of jobs of the future.

Our know-how will enable you to attract and recruit the best talents, highly skilled in marketing, sales and data, in order to be successful in your business, especially in a volatile and complex digital ecosystem. Our goal is to accelerate your talent acquisition roadmap.

We partner with companies of different sizes: start-up, scale-up, large and mature firms. We develop a qualified database of highly qualified talents.

The team

Colibri is French word for Hummingbird. Hummingbirds are migratory birds, which fly very long distance. Hummingbirds are also extremely performing and fast: taking into account the ratio between their small size and their speed, they are more efficient than a space rocket.

Being able to act precisely and with reactivity, and at the same time to deliver sustainable results is key to find the rare bird.

Colibri Talent was founded by Isabelle ROUHAN in 2017. During 20 years, she acted as a business partner to build digital transformation in different companies such as Renault, Havas, or Facebook. Leveraging her unique operational experience in both traditional industries and GAFA, she combines agility and make-to-happen skills to build impact and growth. She wrote “Jobs of the future”, published in 2019 at FIRST Editions.

Advisory board

The goal of the Advisory Board is to support Colibri Talent in order to develop a prospective vison and choose its orientations.
Board members are independent professionals, with complementary profiles, highly skilled and established in digital, innovation and HR industry.

Stéphane Bodier
Executive Vice President @ ACPM
Laurent Foisset
Co founder @Fluo
Bruno Kaufmann
Founder @ Curiosity & Partners
David Lacombled
President @ Villa Numéris
Diane Rivière
Head of HR @ Adecco
Pascal Malfoy
Global leader Developement and Innovation @ ADEO
Valérie Chavanne
Lobbyist and lawyer. Founder @ Legal Up Consulting
Jérôme de Labriffe
President @ Groupe Kingeri


Hummingbirds are fascinating because of their ability to move swiftly their bodies and change direction rapidly and smoothly. They seem to slide from one place to another.

People engagement is a success driver to leverage business growth, especially in a constantly changing digital environment.

Colibri Talent supports your digital transformation with agility and pragmatism to enable sustainable growth of your business.

We combine deep knowledge of start-ups and Ad Tech ecosystem and strong expertise in various verticals. Colibri Talent is specialized in the following areas:

  • Data & Tech
  • Advertising & Media
  • Retail

Our talents

Hummingbirds symbolise happiness and renewal.

Professional well-being is a key asset to personal success.

Colibri Talent brings people at the heart of its approach. We build long term relationships with each talent, based on constructive and positive listening, to help you to choose the job that suits you best.

Ethic & diversity

Diversity is a key success factor and a strategic value deeply rooted into Colibri Talent DNA.

Colibri Talent is committed to support diversity and non-discrimination policies among its clients.

Because ethic is one of the strong founding values of Colibri Talent, our company develops an ecosystem of partners and clients fully committed and respectful of diversity.

Since its creation, Colibri Talent has signed Charter of Diversity, which binds companies to promote and respect diversity in their organisations.

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About future, the challenge is not to predict it, but to make it possible.


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